Guide to comparing quotes

Quote Comparison Checklist

It can be difficult to compare quotes from different paint companies so here is a guide to help you. If the information below does not appear on all of the quotations, make sure you ask these questions. That way, you can be confident you are working with a professional painter.

Things you should know before selecting a painter Tony Isgrove’s Paint & Decorate Painter 2 Painter 3
Are they a licensed company?
Have they been in business for a long time? Founded in 1983
Are they a member of the Master Painters Association &/or a HIA member?
Are they Dulux Accredited?
Have you received a detailed quote specifying the work to be completed for the price?
Do they give a written guarantee?
If so, how long is their guarantee? 5 years
Do they return calls promptly, arrive on time and conduct themselves professionally?
Do they use employee painters or contractors? Employee Painters
Have they provided a list of customer referrals testimonials or references?
Are you required to pay a deposit before your project is scheduled to commence? No
Do they have courteous office staff to promptly attend to your queries?
Do the painters wear uniforms so you can easily identify them?
Do they have appropriate Public Liability Insurance?
Do they have adequate Workers Compensation Insurance?
Is Home Warranty Insurance being offered? Yes for works over $20,000
At the end of each day, do they have a written clean-up procedure?
At the end of the project, do they provide you with a Completion Pack which includes:

  • Paint care instructions?
  • Colour cards identifying the shades used?
  • A written warranty?

Take care if you are not satisfied with any of the answers provided by other painters.

We stand by our promise of a professional finish every time and work hard to ensure we live up to the expectations promised in this guide.

That’s why we have already won 22 industry awards and continue to do our best to earn more.

Every member of the team is proud of their workmanship and committed to learning so we remain up-to-date as new products and painting finishes are introduced.

If you are looking for a professional painter for your home, strata or commercial space, call Tony Isgrove on 02 9437 1997 or email.