Commonly Asked Questions

Commonly Asked Questions


Q: Is it possible to paint over existing wallpaper?
A: This is not recommended as the wallpaper may bubble.

Q: I’m planning to have the interior of my home painted and the existing hardwood floors refinished. Should we paint first and then finish the floors, or the other way around?
A: We would recommend painting first as we can recommend a very good floor sander who won’t damage your paintwork.

Q: We have a lot of painted floorboards in our house that are quite uneven and would like to remove the paint so that we can stain them. Would we be able to sand them or will sanding the floor damage our uneven boards?
A: I would recommend you contact a floor sander who specialises in this type of work for the best results.

Q: My living room walls are covered with dark, grooved wood panelling. Is it possible to fill in the gaps between the boards so that I can paint or wallpaper over it?
A: Not really. I would recommend you have the panelling removed or gyprocked over to get the smooth surface you will need.

Q: We have a pressed tin ceiling that has several layers of paint on it. How do you recommend we go about stripping the paint?
A: I would recommend a non-toxic paint stripper.