Taking Care of your Paint Work


Unfortunately, no paint job will last forever. Mould, grime, soiling, finger marks and grease are just a few things that can build up on paint surfaces. Not only can they be unsightly but if not cleaned regularly they will eventually break down the paintwork.

The harsh Australian conditions will also break down paintwork over time. Although with careful maintenance, the life of your paintwork can be prolonged.

Washing of external areas regularly with sugar soap, bleach or detergent can all be used to clean the trim work of your home. High pressure washing with a gerni type machine can also be used to wash broad wall areas. Although avoid the damage that high pressure can cause.

The process of washing involves:

  • Covering of plants, furniture and surrounding areas.
  • Applying a 6:1 water bleach to mould effected areas with a sponge or garden sprayer.
  • Then rinsing after 15 minutes.
  • Chalky areas can be washed with a mild detergent or sugar soap.

Remember: Always wear eye protection, gloves and a mask and avoid wash off going into storm water drains.

Water restrictions should also be obeyed, if and when applicable.

Internal paint areas may require washing from time to time. Mould in damp areas such as bathrooms can be washed down with bleach solution (3:1) and rinsed afterwards. Greasy areas can also be washed with sugar soap or mild detergents.

Always avoid cleaning paintwork for at least four (4) weeks after application. This allows the film to harden and cure.  Inferior quality paint will not respond to cleaning as much as a premium quality product.

Regular washing and checking of paintwork for peeling, rust, rot and cracking defects will ensure a prolonged life of the paintwork and thus save your hard earned dollars.