Tony Isgrove

"The Boss"

Tony is a second generation painter, he picked up the brush at the tender age of 12 to make some pocket money in the school holidays. At 19 Tony entered the trade and a few years later placed an ad in the North Shore Times, quickly building a business based on quality workmanship and ‘can do’ attitude. Tony enjoys spending time with his wife Rhianna and children Sam and Zoë.

Vicki Humperson

"Admin since 2001 | Contact: 02 9437 1997 accounts@paintanddecorate.com.au"

Vicki is the backbone of the business and makes sure clients and employees, get support for their needs. She has worked closely with Tony since 2003, taking care of accounts, invoicing customers and paying suppliers. To the staff she is there every week making sure they get their hard-earned take home pay. In her spare time Vicki is a serious competitive sportswoman competing in adventure racing, cycling, running and touch footy, all keeping her very fit!

Aaron Mullay

"Operations Manager since June 2015 Contact: 0412 269 116 aaron@paintanddecorate.com.au"

Experience – 19 years | Aaron worked for us back in 1998-2002, he couldn’t get enough of a good thing so he has come back after gaining 15 years experience in corporate management and leadership, to become our Operations manager. He is passionate about quality and when not at work you will see him testing the quality of local latte’s and at night enjoying a blockbuster shiraz from the Barossa valley!


Greg Upton

"Painting with us since August 2010"

Experience – He doesn’t know! | Greg has been painting for that long he can’t remember a time when he wasn’t. He has worked on all types of projects, but especially enjoys homes and residential buildings. He’s a mad keen Eels supporter, loves playing with his young grandson and taking his boat out fishing.

Stefano Belmonte

"Painting with us since October 2006"

Experience – 33 years | Steve has been painting since he was 18 years old. He first started out working with his father in Italy where his father taught him all the ins and outs of painting. He also taught him how to hang wallpaper which has come in handy since then. When he’s not working he loves spending time with his family and friends, caring for his pets and he even enjoys playing some soccer on the weekends.

Phil Besnier

"Painting with us since June 2006"

Experience – 36 years | Phil has been with us for nearly 12 years now. He enjoys the diversity of projects and locations that our company is able to offer. He is never far away from paint and brushes as his hobby is landscape and portrait painting! When not painting in one way or another you will see him fishing or sailing.

Francesco Calesse

"Painting with us since May 2013"

Experience – 36 years | Frank loves the more artistic side of the industry, marbling and other paint effects, wall papering and the old, colourful, ornate cornice work. On the weekends he spends time playing soccer with his two boys. He is a mad Juventus F.C fan and supports the Rabbitohs (because their flag and the Italian flag are the same colour!)

Tony Verran

"Painting with us since March 2003"

Experience – 30 years | Tony has been in the painting game for 30 years and worked with us for 12 years as a Foreman. His hobbies are fishing golf and watching sports. Go the Roosters! Nothing beats a cold beer in summer.

Jgor Christini

"Painting with us since May 2014"

Experience – 13 years | Jgor is 33. In his spare time he loves playing sport and video games. He likes Asian cuisine and travelling. He came to Australia because his fiancé wanted improve her English skills. They are now happily married and living in Australia.

Tim Daly

"Painting with us since August 2008"

Tim has been painting for over 20 years. Tim enjoys coming to work when he gets an chance to transform a property and he loves seeing the finished product. In his spare time he enjoys reading, travelling, playing tennis and rugby.

Scott Weir

"Painting with us since November 2012"

Experience – 18 years | Scott came through the master painters group training company. His family background is Scottish, but he only lived there for 4 years in his early 20’s in Glasgow. He loves sport and training! Football (soccer), rugby league and cricket are his favorite and the teams he follows are the Glasgow Rangers, Souths (Rabbitohs) and QLD Maroons.

Ruhben Wise

"Painting with us since November 2008"

Experience – 18 years | Ruhben has been a painter for 18 years, 11 of those years with us. When he’s not painting he enjoy swimming, reading and good conversation. If you are lucky enough to have him on your job, free to ask any questions and he will happily answer anything you want to know!

Professional Painters

Mario Belmonte

"Painting with us since November 2010"

Mario joined us as an apprentice 8 years ago, finished his apprenticeship and stayed on with us as a Professional Painter. The part of his job that he enjoys the most is looking back on the finished job and the sense of accomplishment that it gives him. In his spare time he likes to watch soccer, listen to music and have a laugh with his mates.

Ken Urbani

"Painting with us since January 2014"

Experience – 31 years | Ken likes painting houses, especially a challenging job because its rewarding to see the before and after. When not onsite he likes to watch his favorite team, the Penrith panthers play footy! He also enjoys going out having a good meal with friends and watching good movies.

Peter McDevitt

"Painting with us since June 2014"

Experience – 37 years | Peter loves seeing the change in the painting process, from seeing an ugly duckling to creating something worth looking at! He is married with one daughter and in his spare time loves to have a beer and go fishing.