7 Warringah Road, Mosman

Duration: 47.25 days
Items Painted: Exterior & Garage
Suburb: Mosman, NSW, 2088
Project Description


  • We applied one coat of Galmet rust converter to all previously rusted surfaces. Rust converter is a fast-acting sealer, which reacts to form a black chelate compound, binding to the surface in preparation for painting.
  • One coat of Dulux Prepcoat Primer or Taubmans 3 in 1 to all bare metal and timber surfaces, creating a suitable surface for subsequent coatings.
  • Two coats of Dulux Weathershield (an acrylic self-priming paint for exterior use) and
  • Taubmans All Weather (it has an interlocking molecular structure that works to create a protective shield) to all:
    soffits, eaves, ceilings, walls, rendered slab edges, service pipes and roof parapets.
  • Two coats of Feast Watson Decking Oil (a combination of penetrating oils and resins with mould-resistant properties, designed to protect exterior timber) to all:
    fences, decking (excludes apartment 3) and gates.


With views over Chinamans beach this is a fantastic place to live, work and enjoy the serenity! Being so close to the ocean we could only wash what we could paint each day due to the salt residue that gets left behind with the seabreeze. It’s very important to understand not just what and how to paint, but also the effects of external elements that need to be considered. When living close to the ocean, it is important to have your property Softwashed on an annual basis to protect it from the corrosive elements that the ocean brings.