Soft wash is a faster, cheaper, more eco-friendly and safer way to clean your exterior surfaces.

Traditional pressure washing systems clean by submitting the surface to blasts of high pressure water that removes both the substance that they are trying to clear away as well at the top layer of the surface they are trying to clear it from.

Softwashing looks after your property and its appearance by using no more pressure than your garden hose and less water than traditional pressure washing, making it more environmentally friendly.

Washing forms an important part of the preparation prior to painting and is also a very important part of ongoing maintenance.

Soft washing is a highly effective cleaning method that kills mould and moss right down to the root by applying biodegradable hospital grade cleaning solutions before gently brushing it off the surface, restoring the surfaces’ original condition. Because of this, soft washing is ideal for prepping your home for sale or for a special event and great for prepping your house to be painted or extending the time between repainting your home.

House washing is an inexpensive service and if done annually as recommended, not only will your properties paint coatings last substantially longer but the house will continue to look great and the washing can add value to your home by reducing deterioration caused by dirt, moss, mould and limescale. A paint manufacturers warranty is also often dependent on the newly painted surface being washed annually.


We have professional house/commercial washers ready to clean down your premise, regardless of size.

Our House Washing Service Provides:

  • Fast free quotes
  • Removal of dirt, grime and mould from weatherboards, brick, concrete render and other surfaces
  • The use of specialty washing equipment for a professional result
  • Low or high pressure cleaning dependent on surface requirements
  • Friendly staff that pride themselves on providing fantastic results