The term “Pure Washing” refers to the use of purified water for the purpose of cleaning glass, windows, signage, solar panels, glossy and fragile surfaces.

We use local town water that has been passed through a series of filters to remove all dissolved salts and solids, then pass the water through a negative ion salt filter to make the molecular structure of the solution unstable and hungry for positive ions. These ions will be found in the dirt and grime attached to the surface being cleaned. This process assists the water to grab hold of and break down all dirt and grime on the surface being cleaned.

The other good thing about using purified water is that, as it dries, it does not leave any water spots or streaks as there are no solids or salts in the water that can dry onto the surface, leaving a mark. The result is a spot-free surface that will have an almost polished appearance.

The other bonus of washing your windows with this method is it will often clean your window frames and ledges at the same time.