84 Muston Street, Mosman

Duration: 67.12 days
Items Painted: Exterior, Interior, Car Park.
Suburb: Mosman, NSW, 2088
Project Description


  • We applied one coat of Galmet rust converter to all previously rusted surfaces. Rust converter is a fast-acting sealer, which reacts to form a black chelate compound, binding to the surface in preparation for painting.
  • Then one coat of Dulux Prepcoat Primer to all bare metal and timber surfaces, creating a suitable surface for subsequent coatings.
  • Followed by two coats of Dulux Weathershield (an acrylic self-priming paint for exterior use) to all:
    complex and boundary walls, balcony ceilings, slab edges, lattice
  • Two coats of Dulux Metalshield Premium (UV Silicone modified enamel topcoat) and White Knight Rust Guard Epoxy Enamel (UV resistant protective finish) to both sides of the main entry doors and frame.


  • We applied three coats of Dulux Weathershield (an acrylic self-priming paint for exterior use) to the concrete ceiling of the car park lift.
  • Two coats of Dulux Enviro Ceiling paint (a Low-VOC flat 100% acrylic finish) to the foyer and stairwell areas ceilings.
  • Two coats of Dulux Eco Choice Wash and Wear 101 Barrier Technology (a superior washable low Voc 100% acrylic finish, now with barrier technology) to all: stairwell and foyer walls, fire stairs and garage lift area.
  • One coat of Dulux Prepcoat Premium Undercoat (creating a suitable, uniform surface for the topcoat)
  • One coat of Dulux Premium High Gloss Enamel (for a hard-wearing, long-life oil-based finish) to all service doors and frames.
  • Two coats of Cabot’s Timber Stain to all unit doors.
  • Two coats of White Knight Hammered Finish to all main foyer and stair area railings.
  • Two coats of Norglass Paving Paint (A fast-drying, low sheen polyurethane finish that provides traction, cushioning and durability) to all: steps, floors and area leadings of the garage and garage lift foyer.


This sea facing Strata block in Mosman was a delight to bring back to life. We involved a Dulux Colour Consultant to assist with some Colour options. As with many Strata titled residences, there are some areas that are not the responsibility of the Owners Corporation but still need to be taken care of. We liaised with owners and provided competitive prices for some decking and a pergola that had been added by owners post the original build and we were able to bring these back to life again as well. We discovered some necessary render repairs along the journey, provided a Quote for these and repaired these areas after seeking approval from the committee.

There were a number of access issues here, not all height related. Accessing walls where owners had lovingly tended for gardens, hedges, plants over many years, and we talked with each owner to trim where they could, tie back where we could and move plants where possible for painting. Nothing is too difficult when you have the right team, good communication and some time to find a solution!

Fabulous. Terry was lovely. and the team was a pleasure to have around the place. The clean up after the job was done really well and the finished product was very nice.